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Rainbow on TLH
Rainbow over Trans-Labrador Highway

In August/September 1996 my wife Veronika and I cycled through Northern Quebec to Labrador and along the Trans-Labrador Highway to the coast. We on TLH

Starting in Quebec City, we took the very only road that exists in this land for 1000's of square miles. We followed it to the interiour of Northern Quebec and Labrador, finally crossing the whole country to reach the coast in Goose Bay (from which the ferry took us to Newfoundland, which we crossed to St. Johns). Certainly one of the remotest places we ever visited by bike. And certainly one of the hardest trips we ever did with lots of hilly stretches, gravel road, myriads of black flies, and the killingly vast distances that come with the size of the country. Still we encountered an incredibly beautiful land, full of undisturbed nature.

In particular the route was:
Quebec City - Baie Comeau - Manic Cinq - Fermont - Labrador City - Churchill Falls - Happy Valley/Goose Bay - (ferry to) Lewisport - St. Johns/Newfoundland.

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