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Our Bikes at the Khunjerab Pass
At the Khunjerab Pass - click to get bigger picture

In September/October 1994 my wife Veronika and me cycled the Karakoram Highway from Rawalpindi/Pakistan to Kashgar/China.

Starting from Rawalpindi the two-month trip took us through the Punjab, Kohistan, Hunza, through deep gorges to the Khunjerab pass (almost 5000 meters high) over the high planes behind the Pamir and Khunlun mountain ranges to Kashgar, the old, busy trading town at the edge of the Tarim basin. We finished (after going back by bus to Gilgit) the journey by cycling to Skardu along the Indus gorge.

A multitude of different people, cultures and landscapes - each a world of it's own - connected by a lonely road that crosses the highest mountain ranges in the world. This was the kind of road we wanted to follow with our cycles. No tour for novices in cycling and travelling, but for us it was an absolutely incredible trip into another world. We will never forget about it. Thanks to all the handsome and friendly people we met on the road. You helped us along in so many ways. It was you, who made this journey unforgetable.

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